Calls for Sack of CDS, CDI Dubious – CSO

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A Civil Society Organisation (CSO), Conference of Civil Society for Peace, Security and National Development has described as dubious and vain attempts to cash on Nigeria’s tragedy by those calling for the Sack of the Chief of Defense Staff and Chief of Defense Intelligence.

In a press release jointly signed by Conveners of the group, Dr. Adamu Muhammad and Hon. Mike Msuaan, the CSO expressed disappointment that at a critical time like this, some persons have made themselves willing tools in the hands of the enemy to attack Nigeria’s finest military brains and the architects of the ongoing war against terror, a situation they deemed highly unacceptable.

“To ignore the massive achievements of the Chief of Defense Staff and that of the Chief of Defense Intelligence simply because of a few lapses in security is uncharitable and treasonable. Considering the level of rot that these gentlemen met when they assumed office, Nigerians should be praising them for restoring sanity and reclaiming large swaths of land previously under the exclusive control of terrorists”, the statement pointed out.

The CSO lauded the military high command for what it described as sustained bombardment which has dislodged terrorist elements from their hiding places. Insisting that these isolated attacks are evidence that the military is winning and the terrorists are on the run as concerted efforts are made to annihilate them and restore peace in the country.

“The pattern of the attacks in the last few weeks shows clearly that the terrorists are roundly defeated and chased out of their hideouts and are desperately trying to regroup and gather weapons and cash. However, contrary to claims by enemies of Nigeria, the terrorists have been unable to unleash any major damages as most of those attacks have been repelled with no material and human loss”, the statement added.

The CSO chided those who call terrorists who cowardly operate at night ‘bold’ but refuse to acknowledge the daring and patriotic zeal of Nigeria’s troops who work day and night to protect the country’s territorial integrity, describing it as shameful and dishonourable.

“It is now clear that the agenda of those calling for the sack of our hardworking intelligence and security chiefs is simply to take them out so their sponsors and foot soldiers who are terrorising the country can go on without any hindrance. This is simply a case of terrorists fighting back and hiding under the banner of free speech to champion their nefarious agendas”, the statement warned.

The CSO equally observed the obsession with the military when insecurity is mentioned stressing that it is not the exclusive duty of the military to tackle internal uprisings and security attacks.

The group further explained that those who single the military out when talking about insecurity are simply taking advantage of the nation’s tragedy to pursue their selfish agendas.

“To always single out the military when insecurity is mentioned without referring to the police, traditional institutions and local vigilante groups are highly misleading and mischievous. Only those with ulterior motives will forget to acknowledge that security is everybody’s business and that no society can be completely free of insecurity”, the statement noted.

The CSO further admonished those calling for the sack of the CDS and CDI for whatever reason to reconsider their stance and see the disservice they are doing to the country. According to the group, allowing themselves to be used by terrorists’ backers and sponsors who distort the narrative and only amplify the negatives is immoral and unacceptable.

“We must take every information we read with a pinch of salt. Enemies of the state are on a rampage with falsehood meant to discredit the military and political leadership of the country under the guise of free speech. Resisting their threats and empty rants and choosing to side with the security forces is the best thing we need as a nation now to boost the morale of troops”, the statement added.

The CSO in a very special way thanked the President and Commander of Nigeria’s Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari for not yielding to the persistent calls by mischievous men to sack good men who are working day and night to end Nigeria’s security woes. Adding that more support and encouragement should be given to the military and their intelligence chiefs to make them succeed.

“We are very pleased with President Buhari for the confidence he has in the nation’s military high command. Unlike the noisemakers who are bent on thwarting the war against terror, Mr. President knows the true picture of things and cannot be swayed by empty propaganda and hearsay. Mr. President should support the military now that the war against terrorism is almost over and do everything in his power to silence those who are out to misinform others”, the statement added.

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