Case of Governor AA Sule closing the space between Govt and Youths

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By Adefolarin A. Olamilekan

Conversely, half of the world’s population is under 25 years old; as 40 per cent of it under 19. Equally this has shown that we have younger generation than the older generations out there. To this end this is a cause for worry but it also a ray of hope for the future.

However, it has been said that young people are always at the centre of public advancement once the opportunity is avail them.

This now bring us to core of this piece, charging the Nasarawa state government under the leadership of our amiable Governor AA Sule administration closing the gap between his administration and youths in the state.

It is reassuring in any case that the Governor AA Sule administration has committed to youth programmes model to treat young people as an assets and resource.

Under Governor AA Sule administration more youths are now assuming leadership roles, especially in their LGAs and communities level. The recent APC LGAs and Ward Councillorship attest to this, as well as appointments.

It is on records that Nasarawa state can boost of shining youths with great skills and intellects.

Nonetheless, the developmental challenges in Nasarawa state today are particularly intricate and interconnected one such is given greater space for youth development and aspiration

Interestingly, we have listen to Governor in the person of Engr. Abdullahi A. Sule that will not allow a developmental thrust driven by competing political, social and economic, religious and cultural even party affiliation forces.

Convincingly, he in his capacity should be able to establish a system that works to a considerable degree in bringing Nasarawa state young people into a new reality of governance.

Simply put, the phenomenon of governance in today Nasarawa state cannot avoid its teeming young people helping to solve and contributing in our challenges in the state.

One of slang of youth l comes to appreciate “there is no time for no time”

Thus, it is never late; we must bring to the fore our hands in collaboration with Governor AA Sule administration leading in our state developmental strides

Nevertheless, envisioning and working toward a state of affairs where young people of Nasarawa state male and female alike take action and make an impact on vital state as well as there community issues. Meanwhile, we believe Governor AA Sule administration is so concerned about the development of Nasarawa state our case is to factor at the centre young people.

And this we accept as true to Governor AA Sule in his administration blue print of development. Poignantly, “Engagement” is the key, this in our “Modest” submission.

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