CCECC Cup “China Through My Eyes, Chinese Speech Contest Held in Nigeria”

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By Wang Guiping

China Through My Eyes” Chinese Speech Contest sponsored by CCECC was held on-line on 18 December, 2020 as part of the cultural exchanges between China and Nigeria to strengthen the traditional friendship between the two countries. 

      A screenshot of some participants at the event

Mr. Li Xuda, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, Mr. Han Shuang, Deputy General Manager of CCECC Nigeria Co., Ltd., among others observed the competition at the main venue of China Cultural Center in Abuja and served as judges as well.

Twelve finalists from two Confucius Institutes and two Chinese teaching points in Nigeria participated in the competition, and nearly 50 teachers and students from Confucius Institutes of UNIZIK and Lagos University and other Chinese teaching points went online to observe the competition.

 The judges are working at China Cultural Centre in Abuja 

Cultural Counsellor Li Xuda said that the CCECC Cup’ China in My Eyes” Speech Contest is not only a window to showcase the achievements of Chinese teaching in Nigeria, but also a stage for the Chinese company in Nigeria to take its social responsibilities and enhance China-Nigeria friendship. It also provides an opportunity for the Chinese language students to compete with each other and to learn from each other. “I wish all of you contestants to give the best account of yourselves!” He said.

Some  Nigerian contestants at the Contest 

After Li’s speech, the 12 contestants appeared in turn, expertly expressing their deep understanding and good impression of Chinese history and culture, traditional Chinese customs and the friendly exchanges between China and Nigeria, speaking highly of China’s hugeassistance to Africa and the achievements of China-Africa cooperation with full emotion.

  Some Nigerian contestants at the Contest 

After scoring by the 6 judges, 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes and 6 recognition prizes were finally selected. Six contestants, including Mr. Dike Paul Chinedu, whose Chinese name is Geng Yifan, from Confucius Institute at UNIZIK, are superior in overall strength. They have won unanimous recognition from the judges for their profound speech content, accurate and fluent language expression and strong on-site appeal, including all the first, second and third prizes. The prizes include HP laptops, Huawei smart phones and bluetooth speakers donated  by CCECC.

 The 1st prize winner Mr. Dike Paul Chinedu at the Contest 

Han Shuang, Deputy General Manager of CCECC Nigeria Co., Ltd., announced the results of the competition and made a concluding speech. He said that CCECC entered Nigeria in 1981. Over the past 40 years, adhering to the development concept of “Growing Together with Nigeria”, we have actively participated in Nigeria’s economic and social development and built a large number of representative and influential infrastructures, such as Abuja-Kaduna Railway, Lagos-Ibadan Railway, Abuja Light Rail, Lagos Light Rail, Abuja Airport Terminals, Lagos Airport Terminals, etc. While developing its main business, the company also actively undertakes social responsibilities, donating money to help students, and offering disaster relieves since the outbreak of COVID-19, which is sweeping the world since this year, the company has immediately built two shelter hospitals, donated a large number of local urgently needed medical equipments and therapeutic drugs, and been fighting against the epidemic together with Nigerian people. He said.

Mr. Han Shuang the announces the results of the contest and makes the conclusion speech

Mr. Han said: “After listening to the speeches of the contestants today, I strongly feel your deep love for Chinese culture and your enthusiasm for learning Chinese language. Within such a short training period, you can speak Chinese so fluently. I admire your talents and appreciate your efforts. I hope that you can continue to maintain your love for Chinese culture and become the messengers of cultural exchanges between China and Nigeria in the future. “

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