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**Celebratory Twist: Phyna Wishes Davido a Happy Birthday**

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In an unexpected turn of events, Phyna took to Twitter to extend birthday wishes to Davido. Her tweet, “Happy birthday, Papa Ejima,” subtly referencing his recent twin babies delivery, comes as a surprise considering the complex history between the two.

Just a month ago, their relationship took a downturn when Davido inadvertently liked a tweet unfavorable to Phyna. Expressing her disappointment openly and tagging Davido in her reaction, Phyna’s response led to a surprising revelation. Davido claimed he didn’t even know who Phyna was, adding fuel to the controversy.

Despite Phyna’s evident upset, Davido chose not to respond to her pointed remarks about his personal life. The drama escalated when Tacha, known for having a tattoo of Davido, defended Phyna, creating irony given her apparent support for Davido. In response, Davido liked a tweet highlighting this irony.

However, today, as Davido celebrates his birthday, Phyna joins the list of well-wishers, marking a shift from their recent public disagreement. Meanwhile, a touching tribute from the son of Davido’s late friend Obama DMW portrays Davido as a supportive father figure, offering a different perspective on the artist’s character.

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