China’s quick response to epidemic signifies Chinese speed, strength

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Leishenshan Hospital, the second makeshift hospital built in Wuhan, central China’s
Hubei province to battle against the novel coronavirus, started to be delivered
gradually from Feb. 6, marking another piece of thriving news in the combat against
the virus.
After being put into operation, the hospital is able to offer 1,600 beds and
accommodate over 2,000 medical staff. The record speed of the completion of the
Leishenshan Hospital, as well as the other makeshift hospital Huoshenshan,
astonished the world.
As millions of people tuned into livestreams of the construction, nearly 10,000 of
constructors were working hard day and night to race against the spreading epidemic.
They light the hope of life.
China’s execution has received high appraise from the international community. Users
of social media platforms commented that China is the only country in the world that
can finish such a huge task as its institutional advantages allow it to concentrate
resources to accomplish large undertakings.
The epidemic is a major test for national governance system and capability. The
construction of the two hospitals is just an epitome of China’s efforts to combat the
virus in the recent days. From the quick sequencing of the virus to sharing it with the
world, and to implementing the largest lockdown of city to stop the spreading of the
virus, the Chinese government has taken unprecedented and rare measures of
epidemic prevention and control, many of which have much higher standards than the
requirements in the International Health Regulation. It reflects the high responsibility
of the government over the life and health of the people.
China’s powerful organizing capability has won wide respect and trust from the
world. The international community commended that such cohesion is admirable and
demonstrates remarkable unity of the country.
Why can China respond so fast and why does the country have endless power? These
are two questions that confused many. The answer lies in the advantages of China’s
institutional system which represents the will of the people, guarantees the interests of
the people and spurs the innovation of the people.
When the government and people think the same way, they are undefeatable. The
power of unity is especially essential at the critical moment when the country is
combating the novel coronavirus and saving the lives of the patients.
China has an institutional system and social environment that are able to concentrate
national strength, and allocate human, financial and material resources to the
prevention and control of the epidemic in a collective and effective manner.
Under the unified command, coordination and dispatching of the Central Committee
of the Communist Party of China, the country has the confidence to get through the
difficulty, and is sticking together to prevent and control the epidemic with scientific

and targeted measures, releasing infinite power of unity.
Because of this, the international community firmly believes that China can give full
play to its unique institutional advantages to overcome the epidemic. Ernesto
Carrasco, president of the Ecuadorian Medical Federation, noted that the necessary
and timely actions taken by China to cope with the epidemic, as well as the leadership
it showcased as a major country are worth learning from for the world.
This is destined to be a remarkable page in human history. The national efforts to
offer assistance in the battle against the novel coronavirus further demonstrated the
indestructible and indomitable spirit of the Chinese people.
During the Chinese New Year holiday when families across the country should have
reunited, thousands of medical workers rushed to the epicenter Hubei; mask producers
returned to work; constructors worked day and night; and transportation department
did all they could to contain the spreading of the virus.
By the joint efforts of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, and the institutional advantages
and strength of China’s national governance system, China has explored a new model
to cope with public health emergency.
The world hailed that there’s no other country that is able to react so efficiently, and
the country’s resolution can defeat all difficulties every time encountering a challenge.
China’s institutional advantages shine at such critical moment. The country will surely
win the battle against the epidemic as it is guaranteed by the huge advantages of the
socialism with Chinese characteristics and supported by the international society.

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