Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Opposes Military Intervention in Niger Crisis, Advocates for Peaceful Resolution

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The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has taken a strong stance against the possibility of a military intervention in the crisis unfolding in Niger. In a statement issued in Abuja, CAN called for the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the preservation of democratic principles. The organization’s position coincides with the ongoing deliberations by the ECOWAS Heads of Government regarding potential military intervention in the Republic of Niger.

CAN’s statement emphasized the significance of maintaining stability in the West African region. Archbishop Daniel Okoh, President of CAN, underlined the importance of upholding democratic values, peace, and stability in the region.

“We firmly believe that achieving lasting peace requires safeguarding democratic processes, respecting national sovereignty, and engaging in peaceful dialogue to address grievances and settle conflicts,” stated Archbishop Okoh.

The organization commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the ECOWAS Heads of Government for their unwavering commitment to discouraging coup d’états and forcible takeovers of power. CAN also acknowledged President Tinubu’s diplomatic efforts, including sending a high-level delegation led by General Abdulsalam Abubakar to engage with authorities in Niger.

CAN highlighted the unity demonstrated by Nigerian leaders in transcending religious and ethnic divisions to collaboratively pursue peace in the region. The association also praised other prominent leaders who engaged with Nigerien authorities using their private connections, noting that their wisdom and experience will contribute to resolving the crisis and restoring peace.

In conclusion, CAN called upon all stakeholders involved in the Niger crisis to prioritize peaceful negotiations and diligently work towards a sustainable resolution. Archbishop Okoh stressed that achieving peace requires collective effort and unwavering commitment for the progress, stability, and prosperity of the nations involved. The statement closed with a prayer for the Republics of Nigeria, Niger, and all ECOWAS nations.

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