Deadly Clash Between Rival Bandit Groups Leaves Many Dead in Zamfara

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A fierce confrontation between two rival bandit factions in Zamfara State, specifically around Hayin Alhaji to Munhaye forest of the Tsafe Local Government Area, has resulted in numerous casualties.

According to local reports, the clash occurred last Saturday, with scores of bandits reportedly killed in the skirmish. Mohammed Sanda, a resident, disclosed that the violence erupted when a group of bandits from neighboring Katsina State attempted to abduct villagers in Zamfara.

However, a local bandit kingpin, Ado Alero, who hails from the area, intervened to protect the residents, sparking a gun battle between the rival factions. Sanda emphasized that the fierce exchange of gunfire led to fatalities on both sides.

Residents, fleeing for safety during the conflict, witnessed the intense confrontation. Many returned the following morning to find numerous corpses and abandoned motorcycles at the battleground.

Concerned about the situation’s gravity and the absence of security personnel, community members are considering a mass burial for the deceased bandits to prevent their bodies from decomposing.

When reached for comment, the spokesperson for the Zamfara State Police Command, ASP Yazid Abubakar, expressed unawareness of the incident but acknowledged its significance in the ongoing fight against banditry.

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