Dispute Arises Over Mr Ibu’s Bank Account as Son Refutes Step-Mother’s Claims

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By Milcah Tanimu

In a recent development, a dispute has emerged concerning the control of veteran actor Mr Ibu’s bank account, with his son, Daniel Okafor, countering statements made by his stepmother, Stella Maris. According to Daniel, he is the one in charge of his father’s bank account, refuting claims by Stella that Jasmine, the actor’s adopted daughter, is controlling the account.

Daniel clarified to Punch Newspaper that not only does he handle the bank account for his father’s bills, but he is also the actor’s next of kin. Contrary to Stella’s allegations, Daniel emphasized that Jasmine does not have access to the account, and he serves as the signatory. He further mentioned that his mother is currently unavailable.

The controversy arose after Stella Maris took to her Instagram page, accusing Jasmine of manipulating her into relinquishing control of the account. Stella alleged that Jasmine, whom she referred to as a stranger interfering with family matters, had secretly taken control of the main Access bank account where donations for Mr Ibu’s medical bills were being made.

This dispute adds a layer of complexity to the family’s situation, especially as they have been seeking financial assistance from well-wishers for Mr Ibu’s medical expenses. The conflicting statements highlight the need for clarity and resolution in managing the actor’s affairs during this challenging time.

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