Don’t Panic Over Shooting, Army Advises Kaduna Residents

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The 1 Division Nigerian Army in Kaduna has reassured residents living near the shooting range not to panic during the field training exercise for Basic Battle Course 7. The exercise, scheduled from June 24 to 28, will involve simulated battle situations using blank ammunition and pyrotechnics.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Lt.-Col. Musa Yahaya, acting Deputy Director of Army Public Relations for the Division, encouraged residents to continue their daily activities without fear. He emphasized the importance of the exercise in testing the students’ shooting skills and physical fitness, ensuring their preparedness for real-life combat scenarios.

“The Field Training Exercise will include the use of blank ammunition and pyrotechnics to simulate real-time battle situations both during the day and at night,” Yahaya explained. He also advised residents to report any security breaches to the Division’s Headquarters.

The Army apologized for any inconvenience caused to the communities around Dalet Barracks and requested their understanding during the training period. “We sincerely apologize to communities around Dalet Barracks and plead for their understanding during the period of the exercise,” Yahaya added.


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