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Don’t touch Rivers Political Structure Wike Tells State Assembly

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…Am not interested in 25% sharing- Wike

By Joyce Remi-Babayeju

Following the political imbroglio in Rivers State, the FCT Minister, Barr. Nyesom Wike has told members of the Rivers State 10th Assembly not to touch or tamper with the political structure of the state.

Wike said when members of the Rivers State 10th National Assembly caucus led by the Senator Barinada Mpigi and House of Representatives member Hon. Kingsley Chinada led 13 members of the Assembly on a solidarity and thank you courtesy call to him in his office.

Wike who appreciated the House caucus for supporting him said that it has become imperative to guard the political structure of the state which was formed since 2015.

“I am not interested in the government, but I am interested in the structure we have built.”

He said, ” What is important in life is to thank people who have contributed to their growth. I thank you all, you all know how we all know what started and what we have suffered in 2015 when all our efforts was anuled.”

The minister admonished the National Assembly members to work together for Rivers State to work.
He said, ” You have been given this opportunity, don’t go and disappoint your state. When you make mistakes, we’ll call you that you’re making a mistake, take it in good faith that we’re calling your attention because we think that you are derailing..”

“When we call you don’t say we are expecting kickback from you of 25%, or so and so percent.”

“We’ve built this political structure for long. Since 2015 we have emerged victorious. As the opposition party from 2015, I saw hell.”

” The Federal Government fought me left right and centre, but with your support we survived it, we worked hard and we didn’t disappoint the people in terms of infrastructures. When you work as a team, you’ll discover that it is difficult for an outsider to defeat you at home.”
Meanwhile, the Minister has dispelled the rumours that he is interested in 25% share from the state.
Wike said, ” People carrying the propaganda of 25% , you must be fools,I have fought and will continue to fight for the State.”

“Those who know me, know that I am loyal to the president who appointed me here to achieve his Renewed Hope Agenda.”
Leader of the Rivers State Assembly caucus, Sen. Barinada , said that the Honourable members were in the Minister’s office to thank him and to show their solidarity, for his support for them at the State level, adding that the events in the state had made it imperative for the visit.

Barinada thanked President Tinubu for appointing Wike as the FCT Minister.

“You are just three months in the FCT but the Territory is already experiencing your touch, you can always count on our loyalty and solidarity”, he said.

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