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DPR to clamp down on illegal Fuel and Gas Stations in Nasarawa


By Abel Leonard Nzwanke/Lafia

The Department of Petroleum Resources,has vowed to clamp down iilegal fuel and gas station in Nasarawa state.

Speaking with our reporter in his office recently the comptroller Engr. Abdulrahaman Mohammed Bima said that all illegal fuel and gas stations will be closed and everyone operating without a permit will be arrested and the department will ensure their prosecution.

Engr. Mohammend also said that ” before now there have been a lot of illegal fuel and gas stations in the state especially in Lafia, but since the establishment of DPR in Nasarawa we have closed down all illegal stations”.

Similarly, the comptroller also made it known that same exercise that was carried out in Lafia would be replicated in all the 13 local government areas were their are fuel and gas stations.

Reacting to impersonation, Mr abdulrahman said ” Yes we have seen cases of such but we have always warned owners of filling stations to always check for ID cards, DPR jacket, DPR official Vehicle and must always call the comptroller’s phone numbers giving to them”.

Reacting to retailing of gas he said “yes they are not suppose to refill gas at their level what they are doing is decanting and it is very dangerous that is why before you can retail, you must have a DPR permit so as to know if the environment is conducive, if you don’t have it it means you are operating illegally and necessary actions would be taken to ensure they are prosecuted”.

Engr. Abdulrahaman also said “series of meetings have been held with them and forms given to all retailers and are expecting them to come to DPR office and obtain a permit that there are survelance already by their personels ensuring that they comply”.

He however urge the people of the state to report any illegal act ranging from product diversion, product adulteration, change in official price to DPR.

Daybreak recalls that the NSCDC nabed a fake DPR staff in Nasarawa recently who has been charged to court.

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