Enugu Pastor Onovo Ndubuise Abducted and Bank Account Emptied

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By Daniel Edu

In a concerning incident, a pastor has gone missing in Enugu State, raising fears of a potential kidnapping after he left to purchase fuel for a church program. The disappearance of Pastor Onovo Daniel Ndubuise, who hails from Ogbeke Agbani Nkanu West, Enugu State, and is based in Isenu Akpugo Nkanu West, has left his loved ones anxious about his safety.

According to a close associate of Pastor Ndubuise, Pastor Ogbodo Chinaza Freeborn, he last communicated that he was headed out to buy fuel for a Thursday night vigil using his Lexus 300 car with the license plate TRR-622AA. He also mentioned plans to withdraw cash from a Union Bank branch near Victory Concept, where he regularly refuels.

Unfortunately, Pastor Ndubuise has not been heard from since that moment. Suspicions were heightened when Pastor Chinaza visited Union Bank along with one of Pastor Ndubuise’s elder brothers to block his accounts. They discovered that his accounts had been completely emptied. Subsequently, they checked his Opay account, only to find it similarly drained.

A report was promptly filed with the police, who have launched an investigation into the matter. The circumstances took a more concerning turn when the abductors established contact and demanded a ransom of 16 million Naira. The abductors even issued threats to Pastor Chinaza, warning him to cease his efforts in assisting the investigation and refrain from interfering in their affairs.

The situation remains ongoing, with law enforcement agencies actively working to locate Pastor Ndubuise and address the financial extortion connected to his disappearance.

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