“Enyimba Coach George Finidi Advises Super Eagles Players to Invest in Property for Long-Term Financial Security”

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By Daniel Edu

George Finidi, the coach of Enyimba, has offered valuable advice to Super Eagles players, encouraging them to prioritize property investment as a means to secure their financial well-being after retiring from active football. He cautioned against venturing into businesses they are not well-versed in and instead recommended property investment due to its potential for appreciating in value over time.

Having been a former Ajax winger himself, Finidi is well aware of the challenges that some Nigerian footballers face after their playing careers, often struggling with financial troubles. He stressed the importance of making informed investment decisions, particularly in areas where players have a solid understanding, in order to prevent potential financial hardships.

Finidi also applauded the determination and grit displayed by his Enyimba team throughout the season, despite facing difficulties like unpaid wages and bonuses. He highlighted their unwavering commitment to achieving their ultimate goal of clinching the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) title, which they successfully accomplished. According to Finidi, this triumph not only earned them a championship but also bolstered the players’ value and attractiveness to the market.

In essence, Finidi’s counsel highlights the significance of strategic financial planning and intelligent investment choices for professional athletes, with property investment emerging as a favorable avenue for establishing long-term financial security.

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