Eve Esin Denies Rumors of Welcoming a Child After 12 Years of Marriage

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By  Milcah  Tanimu

Nollywood actress, Eve Esin, has vehemently denied viral Facebook reports claiming that she recently welcomed a child after being married for 12 years. Taking to her Instagram page to address the rumors, Eve clarified that she is not married, let alone being married for 12 years, and does not have a child.

She explained that the photos circulating online were taken from various movie sets, and the news of her supposed marriage and childbirth is entirely false. Eve Esin expressed her frustration with the false narratives and the need to defend herself against baseless rumors.

In her statement, she emphasized that when marriage and childbearing happen, she will make the announcement herself and celebrate it accordingly. She urged people to refrain from spreading unfounded stories and false information.

Last year, Eve Esin also responded to rumors that alleged her involvement in the rise and fall of her colleague Chacha Eke’s marriage. She was accused of introducing Chacha Eke to Nollywood and various alleged affairs with individuals like movie editor Austin Faani and controversial preacher Apostle Suleman. However, she cryptically addressed the rumors and refrained from making direct statements.

In the past, Eve Esin had announced her engagement but later removed all engagement-related posts, keeping the identity of her partner private. There were also claims that she played a role in the breakup of a Nollywood producer’s marriage. However, she has not provided any further details or confirmed such allegations.

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