Ex-Governors’ Nominations in Tinubu’s Cabinet: Allegations of Liabilities by Shehu Sani

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In a recent turn of events, Shehu Sani, the former representative of Kaduna Central, has come forward with allegations regarding the ministerial appointments made by President Bola Tinubu. The inclusion of nine former governors in the list of ministerial nominees sent to the Senate for screening and confirmation has raised eyebrows and triggered a wave of mixed reactions across Nigeria.

Sani, expressing his dissatisfaction with this development, voiced his concerns on social media. Taking to his Twitter account on Monday, he condemned Tinubu’s decision, offering a thought-provoking perspective. He stated, “The technocrats comprising Tinubu’s Government symbolize his assets, whereas the former governors within his cabinet epitomize his liabilities.”

This revelation has ignited discussions among political analysts and citizens alike. Sani’s assertion sheds light on the perceived strategic calculations that might underlie Tinubu’s choices for his potential cabinet members. With the public’s attention fixed on this unfolding scenario, the implications of having experienced ex-governors in key ministerial roles within Tinubu’s administration are being closely scrutinized.

As Nigeria awaits further developments and the outcome of the Senate’s screening process, the tension between the representation of assets and liabilities in Tinubu’s government continues to stir debates within the nation’s political landscape.


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