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Exposed! How Yahaya Bello’s political anarchy boosts Murtala Ajaka’s Guber hope

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By Achadu Gabriel

Social Democratic Party (SDP), Director New Media, Kogi State, Jibrin Isah, has exposed Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state, saying Bello’s political anarchy has made the Kogi governorship candidate of SDP, Murtala Ajaka the people’s hope.

He disclosed this in a statement made available to our correspondent Wednesday entitled: How Yahaya Bello’s political anarchy makes Murtala Ajaka the people’s hope”.

He accused the administration of Yahaya Bello of turning the talents of youths in the state into holiganism and violence, perpetual oppression, leadership ineptitudes amongst others.


“Turning the talents of youths into holiganism and violence, perpetual oppression, leadership ineptitudes, systemic corruption, procedural errors in governance, tribal dichotomy and patrimonial ideology, attitudinal brouhaha emanating from aggression conspired against leadership strength of yahaya Bello government and his anointed candidate Ododo.

“As a result of these leadership fatalities of Yahaya Bello’s government, Hon. Murtala Ajaka endeared himself to become not only the people’s hope but a cynosure of all eyes to unending socio economic impasse in Kogi state.

“The proliferation of ethno regional organisations with pronounced movement and agenda in the state were an outgrowth of Yahaya Bello, his inability to promote intercultural tolerance and understanding through conflict prevention and peace negotiation among the citizens in the state.

“His failure to empower citizens within economic, cultural and political sphere’s to broker peace provided Hon Murtala Ajaka not only a fertile ground but additional positive impetus to SDP candidate to be people’s hope for economic sustainability who they believe to make poverty history comes November 11, 2023.

“Hon, Murtala Ajaka strongly believes that no sacrifice is out of proportion in showing love and kindness to your people by uplifting their living standards.

“Yahaya Bello being a product of divine providence hitherto playing God by doing things according to prescience. Hon Murtala Ajaka would return power to the people by making them a true vanguard of democracy by training them in the art of using the pedal of government to engineer an emancipatory social revolution.

“Hon Murtala’s basic idea is that government can play its catalytic role of waking the people from slumber and imbuing them with the sagacity to relieve themselves, their mission and destiny in life, thereby heartening them to awareness where they can ride up and take their future into their own hands.

“The people are the sovereign in a democracy and power belongs to them. Poverty exists when people lack the means to satisfy their basic needs. Yahaya Bello targeted the vulnerability of youth”, he stated.

He also stated that “Another sad reminder is the rationalisation exercise in the state civil service with flagrant disregard to civil service rules but was done to create blanket vacancies for his kiths and kind.
“Pensions and gratuity were owed, civil service allowance were not paid but placed them on percentage salary to create confusing square methods in the state Treasury and accounting balance sheet.

“November 11 , 2023, is yahaya Bello political pandemonium and premonition that power is temporary as the masses weighed their hopes on Hon. Murtala Ajaka of SDP to Foster economic sustainability, he stated. “Isah Jibrin Director is the New Media, Social Democratic Party(SDP) Kogi State”.

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