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Farmers group holds AGM

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By Friday Obande

The Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society, NFGCS, has announced plans to hold its Annual General Meeting, AGM, tomorrow Saturday at the farm site in Gaate, Kokona Local Government Area of Nasarawa state.

A statement by the national coordinator of the group, Retson Tedheke stated that the current AGM is the second in it series since the cooperative was established two years ago “this year’s AGM is the second after the one we had last years, and to think that we are just two years old and considering the achievement we have recorded in just two years is a great feeling”

He noted that the current AGM was another opportunity for the managers of the cooperative to open its books to those who have entrusted them with their money “we hold the trust of over 1000 members who have invested their funds in this project, failure is not an alternative. Perhaps what is unique about this year’s AGM is that we have an audited account ready for the perusal of our members. Every kobo we expended in the last one year is properly accounted for and was prepared by a renowned firm of chartered accountants. We are happy that we have recorded some remarkable successes this year, we learned a lot from our operations last season, we have expanded, right here in Gaate alone we have over 1000 hectares, we have focused more on crops that are in high demand and that would give us better market value. We are collaborating with individuals and institutions and we are getting results. What all these mean is that our members and subscribers would have a lot of reasons to smile when the cashout process commences”.

A major highlight of this year’s AGM, is that there would be a red carpet and stands for some of the people that have collaborated with us in the course of the year. Member should especially watch out for “Puff Puff Republic”, apart from the serious business of the day there would be fun and relaxation and Puff Puff Republic would be on ground to provide the fun and refreshment.” He said

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