FCTA Impounds 120 Motorcycles from Abuja Restricted Areas

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By Joyce Remi-Babayeju

The Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA on Tuesday impounded at least 120 motorcycles, ( Okada) operating in some restricted areas in Abuja, to restore sanity to the city centre.

The exercise targeted areas were Area 3, Asokoro, Mpape Junction, Area 1, Kubwa Road and Kubwa community.

Speaking after the exercise, Head of Operations, Directorate of Road Transport Services, Deborah Osho said that it was part of the ongoing exercise to clean up and restore sanity to the city centre and to stop the menace of motorcycle operations in the territory.

She said, “We started from Area 3, to Asokoro, Mpape Junction, ended with Area 1, and also visited Kubwa Road and Kubwa. We seized about 120 bikes today.”

According to her, the operation is a continuous process, adding that DTRS would not relent until the Okada operators comply with the rules.

“With the seizure of 120 motorcycles, the FCTA has sent a strong message to Okada operators who flout the law, and residents of the FCT can expect a safer and more orderly city center. ”

“As long as they continue violating the traffic rules, we will continue to seize their bikes. If we get approval for crushing, we will approach the court for an order of forfeiture, and once the order comes, we crush,” Osho warned.

In the same vein, the Secretary, FCTA Security Department Command and Control Center, Dr. Peter Olujimi stated that the clampdown on Okada operations had led to a significant reduction in criminal activities, particularly at night.

“The FCT Commissioner of Police has reinstated that motorcycle operators are not meant to operate in certain areas. As long as they disobey the law, they will face the music,” he said.

Olujimi explained that the operation is in synergy involving all relevant security agencies, including the Nigerian Police, Civil Defense, Department of State Service, NDLEA, Immigration Services, and Correctional Services.

He said, ” working in good synergy, is the reason we’re recording success.”

He also explained that the FCT Minister has been intensifying efforts to restore order and sanity in the city center, and the latest exercise is part of this effort.

Likewise, he warned that the authorities are determined to ensure the security of lives and properties in the FCT, and the Okada operators are advised to comply with the rules to avoid facing the consequences.

Furthermore, Olujimi assured that the operation will continue until the city is rid of the menace of Okada operations, and the authorities are committed to ensuring that the security of lives and properties in the FCT is guaranteed.

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