Finally, Tinubu inaugurates VP’s residence, after 14 years

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By Joyce Remi-Babayeju

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has finally commissioned the official residence of Vice President Kassim Shettima, after 14 years of abandonment by previous governments.

The Vice President’s residence commissioned on Friday in Abuja is the 9th in the series of projects completed under the dynamic and focused leadership of Wike, depicts his dedication to duty, Tinubu noted

President Tinubu who was represented by the Vice President, Kassim Shettima said that the actions of the FCT Minister, Barr . Nyesom Wike in completing the project shows his remarkable dedication to duty and stands him out as a shining example of what a public officer should be.”

The president said, “And as we commission the state-of-the-art edifice as the official residence of the Vice President, we are fulfilling a long-standing commitment and reaffirming our unwavering dedication to accountability, transparency and efficient utilization of resources for the betterment of our nation.”
The president, who commended Wike’s dodged achievements, said,
“Nyesom Wike is an idea whose time has come. He’s the force of nature, by coming out by 1am to inspect projects is a testimony to the quality of leadership we are having in the FCTA.”

“He shoots straight from the hip, but most importantly he is a doer, a performer. ”

According to President Tinubu, the completion of the Vice President’s residence is not just about building a physical structure, but it is about laying a foundation for a more efficient and effective government.

“ It is also about creating an environment where our leaders can focus on the important world of governance without distraction or inconvenience”, the president added.

The FCT Minister Barr. Nyesom Wike, explained that the project was awarded in 2010 at the cost of N7 billion, and abandoned in 2015. It was revisited in January 2024 when the budget was revised to N21 billion, which is from N7 billion to additional N14 billion.

“It took 14 good years and now Mr President has come within a year, he made it a reality. We are talking about hope, look at the hope”, he emphasized.

In the same vein, the FCT Minister of State, Dr. Mariya Mahmoud said that the inauguration of the Vice President’s residence shows a determination by the administration to succeed where others have failed.

She said, ” This residence stands not only as a testament to the progress of our nation but also, as a symbol of our commitment to excellence.”
According to her, the inauguration of the Vice President’s residence, is the first since the relocation of the capital city from Lagos to Abuja, over 40 years ago.

The Executive Secretary of the FCDA, Engr. Shehu Hadi in an overview of the design of the Vice President’s official residence is built to provide a befitting accommodation with complimentary facilities for effective functioning of an official residence for the VP of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“The scope of work that is packaged under this contract consists or involves a development of about 15 units of blocks.”

The main building, a provision for an office for the second lady and the residence for the ADC and CSO, places of worship; a mosque and a chapel, as well as other domestic staff quarters, are the components in the residents, Hadi explained.

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