Focus will now be on capacity building in school sports to enhance development, federation president says

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The Nigeria School Sports Federation (NSSF) will during the year focus on building its members’ capacity to ensure the essence of school sports is realised in sports at the grassroots.

NSSF’s President, Olabisi Joseph, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos that there was now a compelling need for this.

She said handlers of children involved in in school sports needed to be in tune with current trends of training so as to bring out the best in the students.

“It is often said that a player is just as good as his coach. Knowing this, we can’t ignore this fact. So, we are going to focus on what’s best.

“We believe that we need to pay more attention to sports masters, mistresses and other sports administrators if we want to bring out the best from the children.

“Everything is revolving. So, we need to be abreast of current trends, and the only way to ensure this is to see to it that we train the trainers.

“We need to invest in them, because it will have a ripple effect if we get this right,’’ the federation president told NAN.

Speaking on the federation’s programme for the year, Joseph said the federation would announce its programme before the end of January.

“We are still making consultations here and there. We intend to make this year’s programme all-encompassing, and so we are still having meetings with our sponsors and stakeholders.

“As a new Executive Committee, we are trying to put a lot of things into consideration and we believe that we will come out with a programme that will be feasible at the end of the year,’’ she added.

Joseph-led board of NSSF was inaugurated in November 2019.(NAN)


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