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Girl, 15, raped and killed on her way to school in satanic ritual

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By Neil Murphy

A 15-year-old girl was raped and killed on her way to school and her body was found in woods surrounded by satanic symbols and two beheaded cockerels.

Alisa Onyshchuk was strangled to death in the village of Babai in north-eastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv Oblast region.

According to local media, Onyshchuk left home early in the morning to catch a train going to get to her college in Kharkiv, the capital city of the region.

She used a well-worn footpath through the woods as a shortcut to the train station.

A few hours later, her mother Viktoria Onyshchuk used the same path to go into town and found one of her daughter’s running shoes lying on the path.

The anxious mother took the discarded item, caught a train and went to Kharkiv.

She visited the school to find her daughter, but nobody of had seen her that day.

She reported her daughter as missing to the local authorities.

Police and volunteers started searching the woods near the station and 24 hours later they found the young victim’s mutilated body

Marina, one of the volunteers who discovered her remains, said: “The corpse was found in the woods near a clearing. It was surrounded by satanic symbols drawn on the ground.

She added: “Two beheaded cockerels were hanged on the nearest bushes. The girl’s face was covered in blood.”

Police spokeswoman Viktoria Zinovyeva said: “According to the forensic examination, the victim was raped and strangled to death.”

Girl, 15, raped and killed on her way to school in satanic ritual
Police are looking for this man

Cops are searching for a male suspect aged between 35 and 45 who was last seen by locals near the train station before the victim disappeared.

No arrests have yet been made.

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