Govt Officials Feasting While Nigerians Suffer – ADP

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The Action Democratic Party (ADP) has criticized the current administration, stating that while Nigerians endure severe hardship due to President Bola Tinubu’s policies, government officials are indulging in luxury.

At a national convention in Abuja marking the party’s seventh anniversary, ADP chairman and 2023 presidential candidate, Yabagi Sani, addressed the dire state of the nation. He described the situation as perilous, unpredictable, and insecure, urging President Tinubu to address these issues.

“Our farmers have been driven from their land by those controlling the forests, while the government engages in lavish celebrations,” Sani stated. He emphasized that the government’s primary responsibility is the security of lives and properties, and highlighted the ADP’s plans to revitalize various sectors including the economy, education, science and technology, food security, and industrialization by 2027.

Sani remarked, “The failures of the PDP and APC provide ample campaign material to win the hearts of our people. I urge the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to improve its performance by 2027.”

Reflecting on the party’s journey, Sani called the convention an opportunity to evaluate achievements and plan for the future. “This non-elective convention fulfills a constitutional requirement. I thank our loyal members for their resilience and dedication. Building a young party amidst the influence of well-established parties with vast resources is challenging, but I encourage you to remain steadfast in your commitment to the ADP.”

National organizing secretary Alex Maiyanga encouraged party delegates to work towards securing more electoral victories in the 2027 elections and to support the party’s candidate, Emmanuel Akinnodi, in the upcoming November 16 Ondo governorship election. “Let us take inspiration from Plateau State as we strive towards 2027. The leadership in Ondo must work diligently for Akinnodi’s victory,” he urged.

Senator Pam Dachungyang of Plateau North in the 10th National Assembly also addressed the delegates, urging them to stay true to the party’s ideals to secure future electoral successes.

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