Here are reasons why girls lose interest in a relationship

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If your girlfriend suddenly starts acting up or seeming fed up with the relationship, then there are certain reasons why. And these reasons include the following:

1. Lack of sexual satisfaction
Lack of sexual satisfaction in the relationship can make her fed up. Therefore, she will start making moves to leave.

2. Lack of money
Normally, when you are broke you won’t be happy so your girlfriend won’t be happy too. Lack of money in a relationship can be frustrating and stressing. This can make her want to break up and move on to greener pastures

3. Cheating
You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you your girlfriend is losing interest in the relationship because of your infidelities. Cheating, especially when done multiple times, is a major cause of breakup in a relationship.

4. Poor personal cleanliness
No one wants a dirty partner. The truth is lack of personal cleanliness can make your girlfriend consider calling it quits.


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