Hon. Solomon Maren Congratulates Youths on International Youth Day 2022

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Hon. Solomon Bulua Maren Congratulates Youths on International Youth Day 2022 on Friday

The Hon. member representing Mangu/Bokkos federal constituency congratulate the Youths of Mangu/Bokkos federal constituency and other youths around the country for yet another historic moment international youth day 2022.

Today, we celebrate International Youth Day, and the power of partnerships across generations tag; “Intergenerational Solidarity, Creating a World for All Ages”- reminds us of a basic truth. we need people of all ages, young and old alike, to join forces to build a better Nigeria and a better world for all, the federal lawmaker posited.

Hon. Bulus Solomon Maren while responding to media interview by journalist salute Nigerian Youths, especially his constituents for holding on to this hope despite all the unfortunate retardation experienced by this administration, particularly the Economy and insecurity.

The Hon. member described youths as a pillar in all aspect of life, hence a Nation must harness their potential in technology, innovation, sports and entertainment. As a Youths friendly member he will continue to support youth inclined legislation at the National Assembly in other to bring to an end the perpetual neglect of Youths in governance.

The federal lawmaker encouraged Youths to remain steadfast, saying that all hope are not lost.

Zilla Luka Dares Kanang
for Hon. Solomon Maren, member representing Mangu/Bokkos federal constituency.
8th August, 2022.

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