“How AI Technology Is Used for Watching Pornography”

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By  Milcah  Tanimu

In 2023, a study by Home Security Heroes revealed the widespread use of deepfake technology for creating and viewing pornographic content, uncovering some concerning trends:

It now takes less than 25 minutes and costs only $0 to create a 60-second deepfake pornographic video using just one clear face image.
An overwhelming 98% of the deepfake videos found online are explicitly pornographic.
The cumulative video views on the top 10 dedicated deepfake pornography websites reach a staggering 303,640,207, with a monthly traffic of 34,836,914.
A troubling 99% of the individuals targeted in deepfake pornography are women.
South Korean celebrities deepfake pornography., comprising 53%, are the most frequently targeted group in

Surprisingly, 74% of deepfake pornography users do not feel guilty about their activities.
Seven out of the top 10 pornographic websites host deepfake content.

Deepfake technology caters to people’s desires by allowing them to explore otherwise impossible sexual fantasies. Unfortunately, no country has yet criminalized the use of deepfake technology.Key takeaways from these findings include:

The high number of users on these platforms is driving the increasing demand for such content.
The exploitation of deepfake tech to create non-consensual and sexual content raises significant concerns about privacy and consent in the digital age.
The fact that 99% of deepfake pornography features women underscores the pressing need to address ethical issues related to the production and distribution of such content.

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