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How to get her to talk to you

Here are few tips on how to make her talk to you even when she doesn’t feel like.

1. Eye contact
You may be opportune to meet at a restaurant or somewhere. Here, there has to be a little game of eye contact. You look at her. She looks at you. You look away. You look again. You look at her again. You smile. She smiles back. And that continues for a while.
You keep your eyes on her until she looks back… and maybe, smiles.
After sometimes, approach her and introduce a conversation. The best way to begin is: “Hi! My name is………….. What’s yours?” After she must have replied with her name, then say something nice about her. Like something nice about her hair; about the colour of the dress that she is wearing; the makeup. Whatever you find nice and feminine about her appearance would do.
Not on a physical level and appearance, but on a mental level as well. Is she intelligent? Did you notice that she is intelligent? Did you notice how strong her values are? Do you like that? Well then, go ahead and say it. The impact is worth the effort. She definitely would love to hear them.

2. Smile
If you are fond of not putting on a smiling face, then you need to learn to do so now.
Not many people do this and this can tell from the outside how a person is. If you are the smiling type, you will be perceived as an easy-to-go guy but if you are not the smiling type, then reverse is the case. Even animals do put on a smiling face to attract the opposite sex. For us humans, smiling can have an emotional impact that could lead to dramatic effects on our lives and can also help the conversation going.
If you are the non-smiling type, then I think you should take this as an assignment; around your vicinity, smile at people whom you don’t even know every day. Even when the person isn’t attractive you, smile at them. A brief smile would do
Try getting into this habit; you will be surprised to see the impact that you will have on other people you admire. Smiling is inviting and no one wants to run away from it. Smiling can be a machine that can let you go far in your conversation with the opposite sex.

3. Introduce a conversation
The easiest and simple way to start a conversation is to ask a question. Then, follow it with a short amusing story about the situation of things around you. Take for example, if you are at the grocery store and you see that cute girl around one of the store sections, you can make use of this opportunity to start a conversation; excuse yourself and ask her what she possibly would recommend for someone who wants to buy a pair of trouser or shirt. After she must have given her recommendation, follow up the conversation with a joke you’ve seen on TV or something that happened to you in the past while trying to get a trouser from a store. Laughing or making a person laugh is a quality that you have to develop.

4. Give or take the phone number
You may not have all the time to talk and express yourselves. Going into long talks at this point may become very boring to the person in question. Get your talks brief and try ending it up by giving your phone number or taking theirs.
To do this, say something like “You seem like an intelligent person and I would like to see you again for coffee. I don’t have much time right now, so I am leaving you my phone number and call me next week and we will arrange for a meeting. It was nice meeting you”
You can invite that person early in the conversation and let that person decide if they will call you. No pressure for anyone. Imagine if you do that to 3 people per week, chances are that you will have a busy dating life. You will make all of your unhappy married friends envious.
One important thing; don’t think of the rejection; it will paralyze you. If they decline, say to yourself that there must be a good reason – they are already in a relationship or not ready to get involved yet, etc… – Move on to the next one.
Most importantly, don’t let one or two declines prevent you from meeting that special person. If you don’t take charge of your love life, who will?

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