How to reply ‘I love you’ when you don’t feel the same

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There are things we have no control over, such as how a person feels towards us. Heck! Sometimes we don’t even have control over our own feelings so how can we dictate how another should feel.
This brings us to our topic- How to reply someone you don’t love when the person says, ‘I love you’.

1. Silence
Yep. Don’t reply. It will make things awkward and the person will be forced to talk to cover up for the awkwardness.

2. Thank you
Thank you is a magic word for a reason, after all. Just tell the person thank you.

3. Tell the person what you really like about the person
It could be as simple as how the person smiles or how the person smells. Just look for something admirable about the person and compliment it. It comforts the person’s ego.

4. Tell the person how you feel without hurting the person
You can say something like, “Sam, I really enjoy spending time with you, and I like you as a friend. But I don’t feel the same way you feel towards me. You’re an amazing person and I’m sorry that things will not go the way you would have loved for it to.”

5. Give some space
It could hurt the person but it’s for the best, right? The person probably started developing feelings for you because you guys spent quality time together. But try not to make the person uncomfortable when the person is around you by bringing up the subject.
If you don’t feel the same way about the person, don’t lie. Don’t ever lie to avoid creating false hope in the person’s mind.

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