How we were released close to military camp – Female kidnapped victim opens up

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*Say’s corpses littered forest

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

In a memory lane and in true confession of real life story, a kidnapped victim has broking the silence and reluctantly open up on her ugly personal experience in bandits captivity, advising that there are lots to be done on the strategies put in place to tame insecurity in Nigeria.

The over 50 years old female kidnapped victims who spoke to our correspondent in confidence expressed serious suspicion on circumstances surrounding their released by the bandits in place not too far from military camp after collecting their ransom running into muti- millions naira.

Accordingly, she also expressed dismay that the bandits, despite the proximity of the military camp fired gunshot into the air before they were finally released into the expressway without fear of any attacks from uniform men in camp stationed closed bye.

According to the victims, even though the pains of kidnapped incident which occurred on there way inside Edo line from Kaduna some months ago has gone, the inhuman encounter in captivity and they could hardly be forgotten, even thought she rarely want to talk about it with anyone.

Narrating the story, she explained that one or two passengers were instantly fired with gun shot and died immediately the heavily bandits way laid them in a place not to far away from their destination.

She said while all other passengers including herself and the driver, on front seat, were taken through the bushes barefooted through the night, her bag containing phone, money and jewelries, which fringed from her hand because of shock, was in the hand of the bandits without him knowing on arrival in deep forest.

It was a hell on earth on the day in the bandits groups that took undue advantage of the only young lady in their midst, always demanding for sex from her on minute by minute on daily basis.

The stylishly jump up miniskirt fashion sexy looking lady, according to the woman victim, was gang rapped for days unprotected without break by bandits who later resorted in flogging her when she refused for more sex because of tiredness and lack of strength to continue with them.
In same way also in a horrible manner, other abductees, who could not get any persons to negotiate their ransom prooerly were also thoroughly flogged on daily basis, and threatened with killing in an ups cured environment they were kept in a forest close to Niger state.

Most horrible and scary experienced according to her, was where they were stationed and sleeping on a bare floor in an open rocky area, in the sight of number of dried and fresh corpses of dead bodies of previous abducted victims, lying facing ground.

She also explained that all passengers phones were collected from their hands, Sim Cards removed and destroyed the handsets before taken off into the bush, exception of her own inside bag and few other influential ones, preserved perhaps for calling for ransom negotiations.

“Before the incident happens I’ve already called home on my way informing my father that we’re close and should be expecting me before I go to my husband place later. That’s to tell you we were not too far from Edo state.

“So when put my sim back and my father later called back, they gave me my phone and i answered that I’ve been kidnapped, they were so shocked because they tried several times before they eventually got me owning to my sim card that was removed from my phone too”, she said.
She also stated that after series of negotiations and her ransom later delivered, alongside few others, they were taken off to a place near the road, with strict warning that will be killed if any them is discovered to have them set up on through those who deliver the ransoms.
Finally, they were set free, shown the way and direction to stand and get vehicles going to there various places and they left them”,

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