Ijesa South Federal Constituency: Sanya Omirin’s Progressive Agenda

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Today, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, political tracks are being burnt, day in and day out, because it is the season of electrifying political campaigns and manouvres.
The fact of the matter is that the greatest number of Nigerian masses, are desirous of quality, responsive and responsible representations, just because in the past they had been adequately shortchanged, betrayed and abandoned by many politicians, who did not care a hoot about their wishes and aspirations.

Talking about being responsible and responsive to the plight of the electorates, one man that has effectively demonstrated that he could be trusted all the time is: Emmanuel Sanya Omirin.
Emmanuel Sanya Omirin is presently seeking to be a member of the House of Representatives, for the good people of Ijesa South Federal Constituency in Osun State; he is coming to the Green Chambers using the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), if he wins the next general elections.
One may be tempted to ask: why is Sanya Omirin running to represent his people? This writer as a legislative scholar with over 25 years of experience has seen sophistication of public service in Hon.Sanya Omirin. He is a soothing balm that has percolated to the psyche and conscience of his people; a stimulating and enduring sense of public service.

Hon.Sanya Omirin’s progressive agenda could be viewed from his promotion of agricultural emancipation for the people of his constituency; his wealth creation /distribution and poverty alleviation programmes.
His unprecedented involvement in agricultural activities in Ijesa land his Constituency in Osun State has turned the place into a massive markets for agricultural products; cocoa is now a big ‘thing’ in the area.
He has the experience, vision, political wisdom and courage to continuously make things work; with incredible capacity for projecting the interests and aspirations of Ijesa South Federal Constituency in Osun State.

Sanya Omirin has been an extraordinary tale of public service concern.
Born into a humble family, this man via the application and demonstration of zeal and enthusiasm has made himself a man of material, intellectual and corporate substance. He sits a top flourishing businesses as a magnificent employer of labour.

Well educated with a Masters degree, he has proved his mettle as the ex- secretary of Atakunmosa East Local Government; ex- chairman of Atakunmosa Local Government; ex- federal commissioner, who represented Osun State meritoriously at the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, Abuja, etc.

It is a glaring truism that the 2023 presidential race in Nigeria, seems to have been dominated or overwhelmed other elective positions today, such as the race to the House of Representatives and the Senate, in spite of the fact that the lawmakers in the National Assembly are very critical to the presidential system of government being practiced in Nigeria.

Apart from the fact that the National Assembly is the highest body of representative democracy in our clime, it is constitutionally vested with several functions. Prominent among them are law making, oversight, provision of expert service, making of policy, making government accountable, conduction of preliminary hearings etc.
That is why Nigerian electorates, particularly those in Ijesa South Federal Constituency in Osun State, are being advised to carefully ensure that only most credible, honest and people oriented personalities like Hon. Sanya Omirin are voted for enmass, in order for them to be able to live up to the expectations or challenges that often goes with the process of law making in Nigeria.

No doubt Sanya Omirin is a personification of a perpetual opposition to political alienation; that is to say that he detests the attitude of some public servants who often build a wall between them and the electorates, once they are in office.
It was a way of perfectly recognizing his honesty, integrity and experience, that the award of excellence was presented to him by the Osun State Private Clinics Association of Nigeria.

In honouring Sanya Omirin, the Osun State Private Clinics Association of Nigeria sufficiently rewarded his selfless, immeasurable and dedicated service to humanity. In struggling vehemently to place the people of his Ijesa South Federal Constituency close to his hearts, Sanya Omirin has created comprehensive strategic partnership with his people.

This man has successfully made himself available as an interpretation of social action, and social reality through his extraordinary efforts. His maxim has been to rescue his people from poverty, ignorance and hunger.
A man with a radiant disposition to his people; a real voice for the voiceless and strength for the weakest; doggedly determined, Sanya Omirin is a great force of intensions and enthusiasm, and the only way to go for this positive picture of grassroot politicking, is for the people of Ijesa South Federal Constituency in Osun State, to vote for him as their representative, in the up coming general elections.
Interestingly and recently, when Governor Ademola Adeleke set up an adhoc committee, in view of the establishment of the proposed University of Ilesa, he was challenging the people of the area to take side with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), that is to mean that it will be a win – win for the ijesas in both South and North to go the way of the umbrella.
After all, the people of Ijesa North has steadily been identifying with the PDP and Hon. Wole Oke; it will be tantamount to standing against the positive political wind in Osun State today, if Sanya Omirin is not massively voted for in the next general elections?God forbid.
For Sanya Omirin, a man whose ultimate objective is to always ensure positive political results for his people, deserves nothing else, than to be elected the appropriate member representing Ijesa South Federal Constituency in Osun State.
No wonder the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who was a wonderful administrator in the defunct Western Region of Nigeria, and the unforgettable colossal politician, the late Chief Bola Ige, were his role models.

Ade-omotosho is the President, Isaobi Progressive union (IPU) Atakunmosa west local government of Osun state.

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