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Independence Day: Former President Jonathan Encourages Nigerians to Remain Resilient

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By Daniel Edu

In a statement issued by his media aide, Ikechukwu Eze, former President Goodluck Jonathan commended Nigerians for their unwavering loyalty to the nation in the face of both achievements and developmental hurdles that have marked the country’s journey since gaining independence.

Jonathan, the former leader of the nation, expressed these sentiments in Abuja as Nigeria celebrated its 63rd year of independence from Britain.

“As we mark 63 years since our beloved country achieved independence, it is an opportune moment for us to reflect on Nigeria’s remarkable voyage as a nation. We must acknowledge our modest achievements, reassess the challenges we have overcome, devise strategies to address present difficulties, and rekindle our hopes for a brighter future,” Jonathan stated.

Jonathan recognized the mixed bag of progress and setbacks that Nigeria has experienced throughout its history, emphasizing the unwavering commitment of patriotic Nigerians who have stood firm in support of their nation during moments of success and disappointment.

While acknowledging that disappointment may have crept into the hearts of many, particularly the youth, due to unfulfilled national aspirations, Jonathan urged them to revisit the milestones that offer promising glimpses of a better future.

“Instead of succumbing to despair, we should focus on the positive signs that point towards a promising future, drawing inspiration from our history of resilience. Nigeria has weathered storms, including a civil war, economic downturns, and persistent socio-political challenges. We have consistently relied on the indomitable spirit that guided our founding fathers, enabling us to remain resolute and determined,” Jonathan affirmed.

He also emphasized that this same spirit continues to empower Nigerians to confront contemporary challenges such as terrorism, insecurity, economic hardships, and the escalating effects of climate change.

Jonathan highlighted the spirit that has driven Nigerians to excel on the global stage in various fields, including sports, medicine, music, arts, technology, and scholarship.

“As we celebrate yet another Independence Day, let us channel our collective energy towards promoting equity, justice, and peace. Let us strive to foster national unity and realize Nigeria’s full potential as a beacon of liberty and progress for all of Africa. Happy Independence Anniversary, and may God bless Nigeria,” concluded Jonathan.

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