Industrial Revolution Will Create Employments, Add Value to Benue Economy, MD BIPC

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By Isaac Kertyo, Makurdi

The Acting Managing Director, Benue Investment and Property Company (BIPC), Mr Terungwa Surma has called for industrial revolution to Create Employment opportunities for people of the state and add value to the Benue Economy.

The Helmsman of the company who spoke in an exclusive media chat with Day Break in Makurdi harped on the need for government to industrialize to boost the economy of the state through mass production to achieve desired development.

” If you look at industrialization wise, we have not made any progress, and that’s why we in Benue Investment and Property Company feel that if we are to make progress, we have to industrialize because that is where you can make mass production and give employment to the people.”

The Stock Broker explained that agriculture alone can’t create much impact, if you don’t tie it to processing. ” Agriculture alone can’t give you the desired development you want, if you don’t tie it to processing, you must process. If you don’t process you will just be a price taker, if you process you will add more value.”

The Managing Director maintained that the management of the company is not resting on their oars to intervene and set up processing plants, adding that they intend to also intervene in the area of agro business which will employ seventy percent of Benue residents.

” Benue Investment and Property Company was established by Benue State Government to boost socioeconomic development of the state. As an investment company, our plans going forward with the approval of the Governor, Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia, we intend to intervene economically in the area of agro business, which will employ seventy five percent of Benue residents. The population of Benue will be given the opportunity to increase their incomes.

There are commodities in the state such as a ginger, cassava and rice. We can intervene in agriculture value chain and set up processing plants that can add value to our people. Farmers will now have markets that will guarantee prices for them. That’s what we want to do in the agriculture value chain.”

Mr Surma, hinted that properties that were given to BIPC are being managed, stating that some were leased out to other investors to manage. He said the company has invested in 30 units housing scheme i Makurdi at Nyorgnugu housing estate that is about to be completed, disclosing that BIPC is currently constructing an estate in Mabushi, Abuja.

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