Int’l Widows Day: Foundation Pledge to Stand Firm for Widows, Supports, Advocates

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Set to launch new initiative, others
“To partner anglican diocese of samban gida

By achadu gabriel, kaduna

In a positive development,
Caleb danladi foundation said it’s Set to launch a new initiative aimed at providing widows with vocational training and financial assistance. The foundation made the declaration yesterday in a statement in kaduna while commemorating with widows on international widows day, 2024.

It stated that “The caleb danladi foundation is proud to join the global community in commemorating world widows day, a day dedicated to recognizing the plight of widows worldwide and advocating for their rights and well-being”.

The foundation reiterated the important of the day in providing opportunity to highlighting the struggles faced by millions of widows and need to renewed their commitment to supporting and empowering them.

“Observed annually on june 23, this day is an opportunity to highlight the struggles faced by millions of widows and to renew our commitment to supporting and empowering them”, it stated.

It noted that widows often experienced severe economic deprivation, social stigma, and human rights violations, adding that, in many parts of the world, widows are subjected to discriminatory laws and practices, leading to exclusion and marginalization.

“The caleb danladi foundation stands firm in its mission to provide support and advocacy for widows, ensuring they have access to the resources and opportunities needed to rebuild their lives.

“This year, the caleb danladi foundation is set to launch a new initiative aimed at providing vocational training and financial assistance to widows in southern kaduna.

“This program will equip them with the skills and resources necessary to achieve financial independence and improve their quality of life.

“In addition, the foundation will continue its ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the challenges faced by widows and to advocate for policy changes that protect their rights.

“Part of the program is to utilised dorcas danladi memorial skill centre which will be completed by november for skill acquisition training.

“The foundation will also partner with the anglican diocese of samban gida to utilise their skill acquisition centre in barde jamaa lga of kaduna state and samban gida jaba lga of kaduna state for training widows.

“World widows day is a critical reminder of the challenges faced by millions of women who have lost their husbands and are left to navigate life’s difficulties alone,” said caleb danladi.

According to the founder of the foundation. “Our goal is to create a world where widows are treated with dignity and respect, and where they have the support, they need to thrive”.

The founder called on everyone to join them in this important cause, saying by working together they can make a significant difference in the lives of widows and help create a more just and equitable society for all.

“World widows day, established by the united nations, serves as a vital reminder of the challenges faced by millions of widows who often endure social stigma, economic deprivation, and violence.

The caleb danladi foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable populations, with a special focus on widows and orphans.

“Through advocacy, education, and direct support, the foundation strives to empower individuals and communities to achieve sustainable development and social justice”, it stated.


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