“Jewelry Heist Update: Iyanya Recovers Mayorkun’s Stolen Diamond Chain in Calabar”

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By Milcah Tanimu

In a surprising turn of events, singer Iyanya has announced the recovery of one of the stolen diamond chains belonging to fellow artist Mayorkun. The stolen jewelry was reportedly returned to The Grand Hotel Calabar, and Iyanya took to his social media platform on Tuesday to share the news with his followers.

Accompanying the announcement was a picture of the retrieved jewelry, and Iyanya expressed gratitude to the individual who brought it back. His post read, “Thank you to the guy who brought this back this morning to THE GRAND HOTEL CALABAR. Just returned now is 1 of 2 of #Mayorkun jewelry. We have one more to go. My brothers, if you have the second one, please help us return it.”

This development follows Mayorkun’s public vow on Tuesday not to perform in Calabar again after an undisclosed item was stolen during his recent concert. Mayorkun shared his dissatisfaction with the overall experience on social media.

Responding to Mayorkun’s post, Iyanya went a step further by offering compensation to anyone who facilitates the return of the remaining stolen item. The ongoing saga adds an intriguing twist to the aftermath of the theft, leaving fans curious about the resolution and the fate of the second piece of jewelry yet to be recovered.

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