June 12: APC-IGG described Tinubu Administration As A New Down At Right Time

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By Jabiru Hassan, Kano.

The APC initiative For Good Governance has said that the June 12 would continue to symbolise Nigeria’s democratic dispensation in which the electorates are bound to understands the right to vote the right candidates that would deliver without bias.

The initiative’s national President Ambassador Musa Mohammed Tsoken made the ascertation in a chats with newsman in Abuja, adding that June 12 is a good symbol of democracy in Nigeria especially when the date remained a good symbol of how to cope with any activity related to electoral process to citizens at all levels.

He lamented that APC-IGG is of the opinion that Tinubu led administration would save Nigeria from sinking because the President is one of the great politicians whose ideologies are directly linked to national unity, economic progress and peaceful coexistence in all the nation’s geopolitical zones with optimum results.

Ambassador Musa Mohammed Tsoken assured that from what is being witnessed by the Nigerian citizens, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has commenced his leadership by planting this country onto a solid podium of success where he called on well meaning citizens to support the present government in order to reap the good harvests of democracy

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