Lawmakers Advocate for Increased Funding to Empower Women in Politics

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On Tuesday, the House of Representatives urged the Federal Government to allocate adequate budgetary provisions for training and grooming women in politics.

This resolution followed the adoption of a motion by Mrs. Blessing Amadi, the lawmaker representing Port Harcourt II Federal Constituency, Rivers State.

The House also called on the Ministry of Women Affairs to establish a department with sufficient budget to support, train, and encourage women in politics, and to integrate the role of women in political leadership into secondary school curricula.

Speaker Tajudeen Abbas, who presided over the session, directed the House Committees on Women in Parliament and Women Affairs to collaborate with the Ministry of Women Affairs and other relevant agencies. They were tasked with organizing regular training and seminars for women interested in political careers, especially those in rural areas, emphasizing the importance of grassroots politics.

Amadi, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, expressed concern over the under-representation of women in politics, noting that this issue spans both national and sub-national levels. She highlighted that women hold less than 8% of seats in the National and State Assemblies, attributing this to societal factors such as cultural and religious norms, marriage, and indigeneship, which hinder women’s political participation.

“Full and equitable participation of women in public life is crucial for building and sustaining strong and vibrant democracies,” Amadi stated. Despite significant progress made by women over the years, she noted that they remain underrepresented in political and leadership roles, both globally and in Nigeria.

Amadi stressed the need for proactive measures to equip women with leadership skills, resources, and support to navigate the political landscape and effectively participate in decision-making processes.

In March 2024, Abiola Agoro, the National President of Soroptimist International Nigeria Association, also urged the Federal Government to encourage women’s participation in politics. Speaking during the International Women’s Day celebration at Methodist Girls’ High School in Yaba, Lagos State, Agoro emphasized the importance of government initiatives to motivate more women to engage in politics.

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