Legislator Advocates Special Admission Privileges for Military School Graduates at NDA

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Ibrahim Mohammed, the lawmaker representing Birin-Kebbi/Kalgo/Bunza Federal Constituency, has endorsed a motion to grant Nigerian Military School (NMS) graduates special admission privileges at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA). However, he emphasized that these considerations would not undermine the merit-based admission process.

During a Wednesday plenary session, the bill proposing a Special Admission Quota at the NDA for NMS graduates was introduced by legislator Emeka Godwin. The motion was approved and forwarded to the relevant committee for further action.

Mohammed shared his support via a video post on his X account. He was also recognized as the youngest lawmaker, coinciding with his birthday celebration, by Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu, who chaired the session.

Ensuring Continuity and Merit

Mohammed highlighted the importance of maintaining continuity from military secondary schools to higher military education at the NDA. He argued that facilitating access for NMS graduates would promote progress among elite military personnel.

“Students from Nigerian Military Schools need to enjoy some privileges in gaining access to the NDA,” Mohammed stated. He clarified that the proposed quota system, which suggests allocating 50% of slots to these graduates, would still adhere to the existing entry requirements at the NDA. “If any of the students from the NMS or other military schools do not meet the qualifications, they cannot be admitted,” he assured.

The Nigerian Military School, established on May 20, 1954, aims to consolidate academic and military excellence to build future leaders for Nigeria. The Nigerian Defence Academy, founded on February 5, 1964, seeks to produce officers with comprehensive training in both military and academic disciplines, forming the foundation for the progressive development of Nigerian Armed Forces officers.

This motion aligns with ongoing efforts to integrate military educational pathways, ensuring that students from military secondary schools have a clear and supportive progression to higher military education. The next steps will involve the relevant committee’s review and potential integration into the Nigerian Defence Amendment Bill.

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