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Listen Up! Loud Noises Damage Hearing.

There is no cure for hearing loss! Damaged inner ear cells (stereocilia) do not grow back. Protect your hearing by avoiding loud noise such as concerts and sporting events. Use earplugs or noise-cancelling earmuffs to protect your ears. If you already have hearing loss, take steps to keep it from getting worse. Get your hearing checked.

 We encourage people to think about their own hearing, at this time, and to get their hearing checked if they think there might be a problem.

Early identification and intervention for hearing loss is important. Many people live with unidentified hearing loss, often failing to realize that they are missing certain sounds and words. Checking one’s hearing would be the first step towards addressing the issue.

Here's something you might not know... Pain or discomfort in your ears can be an early warning sign of hearing loss caused by loud noise.

Pain or discomfort in your ears can be an early warning sign of hearing loss.

Time to ask your doctor to check your hearing.

Time to ask your doctor to check your hearing.

Listen Up!

Listen Up!

Did You Know?

Repeated exposure to loud noise over the years can damage your hearing—long after exposure has stopped.

Think you are well aware of how to protect yourself? When it comes to hearing loss, we can all think of the usual suspects: listening to fireworks, attending sporting events, entertainment venues, and loud concerts.

However, you may be surprised at what you do not know. For example, everyday activities such as using power tools, mowing the lawn, or attending a fitness class with loud music can damage hearing.

Useful Info

  • Is the noise too loud? If you need to shout to make yourself heard, yes.
  • After a very loud event, such as a concert or football game, normal hearing usually returns within a few hours to a few days—however, repeated exposure to loud noises will eventually damage the inner ear permanently.
  • Ways to protect your hearing include turning the volume down, of course, and also taking periodic breaks from the noise and using hearing protection, such as earplugs and hearing protection earmuffs.
  • Signs that you may have hearing loss include difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds (e.g., doorbell, telephone, alarm clock) and difficulty understanding conversations in a noisy place.
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