Low Passenger Turnout in Oyo Motor Parks During Easter Holiday

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Major motor parks in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, experienced a subdued atmosphere on Friday with a low turnout of passengers, contrary to the anticipated Easter holiday rush.

A visit to motor parks at Iwo Road and Ojoo Bus Terminals by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) revealed that there was no significant increase in inter-state commuting.

According to Mr. Michael Adelokun, the Chairman of Saki Motor Park, the number of buses departing from the park to various destinations fell short of expectations.

He attributed the low turnout to passengers’ financial constraints, noting that despite maintaining transportation costs at the same level, people were hesitant to travel due to economic challenges.

Adelokun highlighted the burden of rising petrol prices and maintenance costs on their business earnings, citing significant increases in expenses such as engine oil and tyres.

Similarly, Mr. Isahu Salawu, the Secretary of Park Management System at Iwo Road Motor Park, mentioned that people chose to stay home to manage their expenses, affecting business at the parks.

Salawu lamented the high cost of petrol and other overheads in the transportation sector but emphasized that fares remained unchanged to alleviate the burden on passengers amid economic hardships.

While some passengers noted slight fare increases, they observed that overall, fewer people were opting to travel, despite the manageable adjustments in transportation costs.

Miss Tobiloba Samuel, a passenger bound for Lagos for the Easter holiday, remarked on the fare adjustments, indicating a moderate rise but echoed the sentiment that fewer people were traveling compared to previous years.

NAN’s observation revealed a noticeable absence of the usual hustle and bustle associated with festive periods in motor parks, reflecting the subdued mood amid economic challenges.

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