Luxury watches to have in 2020

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Most watch connoisseurs know firsthand that buying luxury watches isn’t just about the glitz and glam that the watches give, it’s also about the prestige and the resale value that these watches will fetch when the right time comes.

It’s about the passion for any watch that’s remarkable, changing the game, or the landscape of the industry.

For watch connoisseurs, this is the time to review what watches the year has brought.

So if you’re looking to get the best watches to invest in right now, don’t fret. We’ve collated the best deals all-around so you can narrow your search down.

Remember to make the call first when you’re buying in-store, and if you’re buying online, review the shopping site’s terms and conditions. So without further ado, here are the watches you need to have:

1. Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner Oystersteel

Any starting watch collector knows and will advise you to invest in any Rolex – because if the watch has this brand on its dial, and it’s authentic – it will probably go up in price the longer you have it.

But that piece of advice is only half-true. The truth is, any Rolex watch has a resale value, but not all will increase in price after some time. 

Only some models are historically known to have fetched a far higher value from their original price. Most men’s watches, especially if they’re mechanical and Swiss-made, already have an assigned fixed resale value.

So what Rolex watches to invest in? There isn’t one answer to that. But if we’re going to recommend just one, it will be the Rolex Submariner.

Iconic in its own way, the Submariner is one, if not, the most popular and triumphant makes the brand has churned out. With a water-resistance feature of 300m (that’s a thousand feet!), it’s in-house movement is cased in the company’s trademarked Oystersteel.

Get the one in black dial and silver link band, and you’ll never go wrong. 

2. Tudor Black Bay

Tudor Black Bay

Tudor hasn’t been one of the brands that usually gets into watch-as-investment lists. But the company’s recent revival and a successful one at that proves that great mechanical watches are on the rise against smartwatches, and there is still a thriving market out there for luxury watches.

There is no other time than now to get a Tudor.

And while you’re at it, get the newly-revived Black Bay. With a classic manly charm married with top of the line Swiss watchmaking, you not only get a handsome watch, but you’re also purchasing a piece of history for the brand.

With a power reserve of 70 hours, the Black Bay is a beast inside out.

3. Omega Seamaster

Omega Seamaster

It’s always been the inside joke of watch connoisseurs that, “If you can’t buy a Rolex, buy Omega instead,” implying that the brand is lesser against the most popular brand for luxury watches.

But the more sophisticated know that Omega isn’t a second-best to Rolex, it is better than it in so many ways. Rolex is just more popular. 

Still to this day, it’s the only brand that can boast of being NASA flight-certified, Omega isn’t one to flex its muscles as a company, but what it does is bring forth quality watches with world-class movements and excellent after-sales service.

There are many options when it comes to getting an Omega, but the classic Seamaster (the one Agent 007 wears), can’t and shouldn’t be resisted.


Getting a watch that seems like a luxury buy can be daunting. Especially for first-timers – it’s all about the thrill of getting that first luxury watch.

But investing in watches is a whole new ordeal – so when you plan on making money out of these watches, you’ll always need to be in- the- know. The next deal is just around the corner, so you’ll need to watch out for it.

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