Mamu Refutes Terrorism Financing Allegations, Calls for Retraction

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Tukur Mamu, the publisher of Kaduna-based Desert Herald Newspaper, has taken legal action against allegations labeling him as a terrorist financier. In a letter addressed to the Attorney General of the Federation, Mamu’s lawyer, J.J. Usman (SAN), demanded a retraction of the accusation, which was reportedly made without proper authority.

The letter, dated March 25, 2024, emphasized Mamu’s objection to being designated as a terrorist financier by the Nigerian Sanctions Committee. Mamu, who has been in detention since 2022, stressed that no court has officially declared him as such, making the designation unjustified.

The demand for retraction comes after the Federal Government unveiled the identities of entities allegedly involved in terrorism financing, including Mamu. His lawyer argued that the Nigerian Sanctions Committee exceeded its authority in making such a designation, especially while Mamu’s trial is still pending in court.

The letter condemned the publication as a violation of natural justice and a form of media trial, urging the immediate retraction within seven days to avoid legal action. Failure to comply, Mamu’s legal team warned, would result in seeking redress in court to address their client’s grievances.

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