Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Two Workers and Burying Them in Shallow Grave

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By  Milcah  Tanimu

Ibrahim Umar, a 40-year-old man, has been apprehended on suspicion of brutally murdering two casual workers in Taranka village, situated in Gamawa Local Government Area of Bauchi State, allegedly for ritual purposes.

The accused, hailing from Dankunkuru village in Ungogo Local Government Area of Kano State, had purportedly come to Taranka village for a charcoal-related business venture. During his stay, two individuals mysteriously disappeared, raising suspicions among the local residents regarding Umar’s involvement in their vanishing.

Bauchi State’s Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent of Police Ahmed Wakil, issued a statement on the matter, noting that law enforcement officers promptly acted upon receiving the report of the incident.

According to Wakil, the Bauchi State Commissioner of Police, Auwal Muhammad, strongly condemned the gruesome killings of the two casual workers and appealed for calm. He urged the public to refrain from spreading unverified information on social media, which could potentially incite chaos, while assuring that justice would prevail.

Wakil stated, “One Ibrahim Umar, male (40) of Dankunkuru village Ungogo LGA Kano State, who came to the said Taranka village for charcoal business was suspected to have perfected the abduction and disappearance of the aforementioned persons.”

Upon receiving the report, detectives were swiftly dispatched to the scene and subsequently arrested the suspect. During interrogation, Umar reportedly confessed to killing and burying the two casual workers in a shallow grave located on the outskirts of the town. Following proper procedures, coroner’s forms were completed, and the bodies were exhumed from the grave for further investigation. A medical practitioner confirmed the identities of the deceased, and the bodies were released to their families for proper burial ceremonies.

The investigation also uncovered that the accused had allegedly committed these heinous acts with the intention of using the victims’ remains for ritual purposes. Additionally, a search conducted at Umar’s residence revealed evidence of human blood, further deepening the suspicions surrounding the case.

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