Media Helping People to Find Their Voice: The Maloney FM 95.9 Keffi Paradigm

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By Adefolarin A. Olamilekan

There is a popular saying that “Nemo dat quod non habet” meaning: you cannot give what you do not have”. Without equivocation the fourth estate of the realm, the media cannot be considered indispensible in the development of any democratic setting.

Globally, the media remain the most feasible platform consciously and unconsciously have given to the society the voice its needs, the intellectuals to proffer solutions and the facts to remedy the lost truth. The importance of media in contemporary Nigeria is very rewarding going by the space it occupied in lives and time.

The media l studied, still studying and wrote about ruminatively project a society that supposed to cater for every living being and betterment of all. Creatively, the media even though have had its challenges, however, it relevance and influences is second to known.

The media helping people find their voice especially as this relate to their influencing roles in fighting for their life. Take for example when people who lives in the most miserable condition on the planet, relative to resources endowment cannot find their voice.

What is important here because the question of media influence and how it could help people find their voice cannot be over emphasize.
Moreso, it clear that Nigerians and particularly Nasarawa state indigene and residents finds their voice through Maloney fm 95.9 Keffi.

Maloney FM 95.9 Keffi is one of the contemporary radio stations operating in the north central Nigeria with huge listenership cutting across young and old. Maloney fm 95.9 is justly credited with blazing a trail in high brow journalism, professionalism and generation of intellectual and radio broadcaster.

Established five years ago in the ancient city of Keffi Nasarawa state and founder by Hon. Ahmed Aliyu Wadada. A successful politician, businessman, a philanthropist, humanitarian and lover of polo sport and religious person. Coincidentally, he found of Maloney FM 95.9 for the promotion of service to the people of Keffi, Nasarawa state and Nigeria in general.

Maloney fm 95.9 has since grown in bound, listenership and followers. The radio station programmes are broadcaster in English, Hausa, lgbo, Yoruba and other indigenous local languages. This has endure listeners and followership of all its programmes within north central states of kogi, Niger, Kaduna, Benue, Plateau and the FCT Abuja.
Hausa programmes such as Batunmu A Yau (Political Discourse) and Zuba Baka are delights listenership and given voice to people in around Nasarawa state and beyond. The Discourse on Maloney FM remains one of the policy shaping views and opinions on cogent national issues.

Maloney fm 95.9 has played well the importance of media influence and role in nation building, unity and cohesion through it numerous programmes as anchored by seasons ON AIR Personality (OAP), as well experts in various Sectors Featured on air.

Significantly, Maloney FM clearly engaged in helping people find their voice cannot be over accentuate through unalloyed power of the media to influence, through theory in which opinions and views modulate government policies.
Am glad the agenda setting functions of the media is Maloney fm get halo effect. Kudos to Maloney fm management lead by Gumji Baton, Habila Yusuf (DOC), AB Dollar, Mubarak Al-Amin, Zainab Yusuf,Hajia Rehinatu Gana and staffs for diligence and professionalism.

Let me say here that am delighted to be part of success story of Maloney FM 95. 9 helping people to find their voice. Additionally, Maloney FM has retooled media platform by genuinely midwife a new generation of public intellectual and voices been held.

You can be part of the conversation by reading more column articles from Adefolarin A. Olamilekan, (Political Economist and Development Researcher) from MUCKRACK.COM (Journalist) and as well as listen to his analysis and dissection of national, regional and global issues on “The DISCOURSE” Hosted by Yahuza Muhammad (Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 8.30am and “Democracy and Good Governance” hosted by Abraham owocho Saturdays 1pm on Maloney FM 95.9 Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

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