“Minister David Umahi Announces Upcoming Inspection of Federal Roads”

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By Daniel Edu

Minister of Works, David Umahi, has revealed plans to initiate comprehensive inspections and evaluations of all federal roads within a span of two weeks. Speaking during a press conference at the Federal Ministry of Works in Abuja on Monday, Umahi emphasized his commitment to expediting bureaucratic processes and ensuring swift decision-making.

During the press conference, which followed the swearing-in ceremony of 45 ministers, Umahi outlined his approach to effective governance. He pledged that no file would be left unattended for more than two hours without valid explanations. He stressed that he prefers a field-oriented role over an office-centric one and intends to actively engage in the assessment of road projects.

Umahi stated, “I am a field person. God willing, I will be inspecting the Lokojo-Benin Road and Lokoja-Abuja Road. After this week, within two weeks, I will initiate road inspections and only settle down once I have personally assessed ongoing projects and the new ones we plan to undertake. Our goal is to tour the six geopolitical zones to witness the conditions firsthand.”

The minister also highlighted the importance of his hands-on approach and expressed his belief that his background aligns more with practical fieldwork. He emphasized that the ministry’s team of experts will embark on comprehensive tours across Nigeria’s geopolitical zones to assess road infrastructure conditions. These evaluations will aid in devising strategies to improve the nation’s road network and ultimately enhance the lives of Nigerians.

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