NAGGW, Led by Dr. Yusuf Maina Bukar, Partners with CSOs to Fulfill Tinubu’s Vision of ‘Renewed Hope’

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The National Agency for the Great Green Wall (NAGGW), under the capable leadership of Dr. Yusuf Maina Bukar, is committed to expeditiously fulfilling its mandate and delivering valuable services to the Nigerian people. The agency has undertaken a dynamic and vigorous tree-planting campaign, and it has excelled in areas such as transparency, human capital development, job creation, and more.

During a recent press conference at the NUJ Press Centre in Abuja, the Civil Society Organization Budget Implementation, Assessment, Evaluation, and Monitoring Committee shared their assessment of NAGGW’s performance. Chief Ogakwu Dominic, the Committee Chairman, commended NAGGW as a valuable partner with the civil society in striving to achieve the mandate set forth by President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, focusing on bringing “renewed hope” to Nigerians.

Dominic clarified that their presentation of NAGGW’s achievements and Dr. Maina’s contributions to sustaining progress wasn’t an attempt to portray him as a saint, but rather to highlight the agency’s commitment to heeding the voices of the people.

Comrade Emmanuel Johnny, the Committee Adviser, also spoke at the event, emphasizing that the CSO had consistently monitored the agency’s activities, including Zonal Intervention Projects and all constituency projects of the national assembly under NAGGW’s purview, which have yielded positive results.

He stated, “Under this administration, which has been in place for just about a hundred days, civil society has embraced its role as society’s watchdog. We believe that our efforts will receive strong support from the government, and this belief is the foundation of our committee, formed by a coalition of civil society practitioners.”

The primary purpose of the press conference was to present NAGGW’s scorecard to the Nigerian public, helping them differentiate between myths and realities regarding the agency’s operations. Johnny also stressed the need for awareness and understanding of the agency’s methodologies, fostering a truthful and patriotic narrative for all.

Johnny addressed recent statements from the national assembly regarding NAGGW, expressing respect for the legislative branch while urging them to exercise caution and decorum to prevent misrepresentation, which could harm the reputation of their partners in progress.

In conclusion, he highlighted NAGGW’s commendable achievements under Dr. Yusuf Maina Bukar’s leadership, including transparent governance, accountability, human capital development, capacity building, and job creation.

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