Nasir El-Rufai Voices Concerns About Returning as Minister

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By Daniel Edu

Former Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has expressed his reservations about returning as a minister at his current age. In an old video where he was discussing with unidentified individuals, El-Rufai stated that it would be unfair for him to become a minister again after a 20-year gap.

He recalled that he became a minister of the Federal Capital Territory at the age of 43 during the administration of President Obasanjo. However, now at the age of 63, he believes it would be more appropriate for younger individuals, including his children and younger brothers, to have the opportunity to serve as ministers.

El-Rufai emphasized the importance of grooming and training younger generations to succeed in various roles. He asserted that he has mentored many capable individuals who are well-prepared to assume leadership positions.

Although El-Rufai’s name is on the ministerial list forwarded by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to the National Assembly for screening, he has raised concerns about the prospect of returning to the ministerial position at this stage in his life.

The video of his statements is currently circulating on social media, sparking discussions about age, succession planning, and leadership development in politics.


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