NiCFosT partner Daniko to ensure Nigerian food contents meet WTO standard

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By Joyce Remi-Babayeju

The Nigerian Council of Food Science and Technology, NiCFosT, in partnership with Daniko Integrated Concepts Limited, said that it is poised to collaborate with the grassroots food commodities producers, to address the ills in the food supply system and to ensure that safe foods locally and quality food commodities, are compliant to the World Trade Organization standards.

Registrar and Chief Executive Officer, Nigerian Council of Food Science and Technology, NiCFosT, Mrs Veronica Nkechi Eze, stated this in Abuja on Wednesday, at the sensitization of State Ministries of Local Government, Local Government Commissions and State Ministries of Health in Nigeria.

According to Eze, NiCFosT is a new regulatory Council, established by the Nigerian Council of Food science and Technology, with the mandate of regulating the practice and profession of food science and Technology in Nigeria.

She explained that the unprofessional work against International Food trade, industrialization plans of the Federal Government, reduces export potentials, increases the occurrence of preventable food borne diseases, malnutrition and death in some cases.

The Registrar and Chief Executive Officer, therefore, said Nigerian Council of Food science and Technology, will ensure that foods produced, prepared, and packaged by food handlers, are available, nutritious, affordable and wholesome for Nigerians, adding that, the regulation of food in the Local Government Areas, is carried out according to World Best procedures, as done Internationally.

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