No Music Day Event Focuses on Collaboration and Sustainability in Nigerian Music Industry

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By  Milcah  Tanimu

The upcoming No Music Day event, titled “Building a Sustainable Music Ecosystem,” will bring together influential figures from the Nigerian music industry to address the critical importance of collaboration among artists, record labels, streaming platforms, and the media. The event aims to establish an environment that nurtures and sustains Nigeria’s thriving music landscape.

Organized by Kafilat Awotayo, #NoMusicDay9ja is an annual initiative that seeks to raise awareness about intellectual property rights within the Nigerian music industry. The initiative encourages dialogue, education, and collaborative efforts to promote a lasting and thriving music ecosystem in Nigeria.

Observed every September 1st, No Music Day in Nigeria serves as a platform to underscore the significance of respecting the intellectual property rights of musicians and creators. It serves as a day of reflection and learning about the challenges faced by artists in the digital age of music consumption.

The previous year’s Town Hall Meeting was a significant milestone for the #NoMusicDay9ja initiative. It brought together stakeholders from different corners of the music industry and facilitated insightful discussions on topics such as copyright concerns, music distribution, and fair artist compensation.

The success of the 2022 event has led to this year’s theme, focusing on collaboration and sustainability as fundamental pillars within the industry.

The 2023 #NoMusicDay9ja Town Hall Meeting will feature a distinguished panel of music industry experts including Debbie Romeo (Moderator), Feyisola Ogunbanjo (Kulupsy), Dolapo Amusat, Akinyemi Ayinoluwa (Akinyemilaw), and Adeyemi Adetunji. These professionals will explore strategies and solutions that not only support artists but also ensure the growth and endurance of Nigeria’s rich musical heritage.

Hosted on Culture Custodians’ X spaces (@takingcustody), the #NoMusicDay9ja Town Hall Meeting 2023 promises to be a pivotal event that highlights the challenges faced by the music industry while also seeking to find practical solutions and foster collaboration among all stakeholders.

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