Of emergency Philanthropists and Abia 2023

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In every political season, new words creep into the political lexicon. The one in vogue in Abia is a section who have emerged recently to render emergency political gestures to the electorate, basically to woo their sympathy. Thus, the coinage “emergency philanthropists”.

This group negates Mother Theresa’s perspective on philantrophy because she admonishes us to ” do good everywhere we go”.  The bible also charges us to do good ant to withdraw our hands whenever duty calls for us to show charity.If we do so, it amounts to ” sin of omission “.

Recently, a group has emerged and decided  to temporary affect the lives of Abians for the purposes of currying electoral favour from them. Don’t this amount to the characteristics of the Scribes who were accused of praying in in the open to play to the gallery.

At this juncture, a lesson can be strongly extracted fro Aesop’s  Juvenilia” The wolf Crying Boy”, where the shepherd boy in a bid to fight boredom resorted to crying wolf where none exists. The repeated efforts by the villagers to help the boy fight wolf were dashed as none exists.

Also, the repeated plea by the vilagges to the boy not to cry wolf where none exists felled on deaf ears.

One day when the real wolf appeared and the boy in his usual manner cried wolf, there was no villagers to his rescue because he had incessantly deceived them with the cry of wolf. When the boy could not return as usual with his sheep in the evening, it dawned on the villagers that the real wolf had appeared and attacked the sheep.

Morals: character should be consistent such as philanthropy. When philanthropy is anchored on emergency arrangement to curry electoral favour,the people will know.

That is why William Hazlith advises thusly”The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy”.

We will not succumb to the quote” If you want to test a man’s character, give him power”, because we already know their character.

Abians, beware of these emergency philanthropists.

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