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OnePlus 6T price WARNING – The real cost of owning this smartphone may shock you

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THE OnePlus 6T officially goes on sale next week but this budget flagship could end up costing you more than you think.

After months of leaks, rumours and excitement the OnePlus 6T is finally going on sale next week.

This stunning new phone officially arrives in stores from November 6 with it offering flagship specs at a fraction of the cost of its Android rivals.

For just £499 the OnePlus 6T comes packed with a fast Snapdragon 845 processor, huge 6.41-inch screen, a dual rear camera and a large battery that can fast charge in 30 minutes.

There’s also the inclusion of an embedded fingerprint scanner which is now hidden under the screen.

There’s no question that the OnePlus 6T should get your full attention but make sure you are aware of the true cost of owning one.

Until recently, the only easy way to get hold of a OnePlus phone was to buy it SIM-free from the Chinese firm itself.

But with its popularity booming the latest 6T is now being sold via mobile retailers and UK networks.

This clearly makes it very easy to upgrade to a 6T and also offers the ability to spread the cost over a two-year contract.

However, before you sign up to this phone on a pay monthly plan it’s worth checking how much the deal will cost over two years.

Buying the phone SIM-free costs £499 and adding a SIM-only plan with 4GB of data will cost around £11 per month.

Purchasing the 6T this way will cost a total of £763 over two years which is very good value.

But opting for a similar amount of data on a pay monthly deal could end up costing considerably more.

For example, Vodafone is offering the OnePlus 6T with 4GB of data for £36 per month plus a £129 upfront fee.

The total over two years for this bundle is £993.

EE has the 6T on sale for £43 per month with a £50 upfront fee.

Again this includes 4GB of data with the total over two years totalling £1082 – that’s over £300 more than buying the phone from OnePlus and adding a SIM.

Carphone Warehouse has the 6T for £23 per month but there’s a £299.99 upfront fee which brings the total over the term of the deal to £851.

There are plenty of 6T deals on the market right now but make sure you add everything up before committing to what could end up being a very expensive contract. (David Snelling)

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