“OPay Makes Historic Strides: Achieves First Monthly Profit, Surpasses 9 Million Daily Active Traders”

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By Milcah Tanimu

OPay, a leading Fintech firm dedicated to emerging markets, has made headlines by announcing its first-ever monthly profit, accompanied by a surge in daily active trading users surpassing 9 million, edging towards the significant 10 million milestone. This achievement marks a pivotal moment in OPay’s journey of growth and innovation.

Since its establishment in 2019, OPay has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge payment solutions and digital financial services across Africa and Asia. Harnessing the potential of AI and big data, OPay offers transformative fintech solutions that revolutionize conventional financial landscapes. Presently, OPay’s reach extends across nations such as Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, among others.

By seamlessly integrating advanced fintech into local financial ecosystems through technological breakthroughs, OPay has played a vital role in facilitating the digital evolution of local businesses and extending accessible financial services to underserved populations in Africa and the Middle East. After years of steadfast innovation and expansion, OPay has emerged as a leader in Nigeria and Egypt, catalyzing inclusive finance in burgeoning markets.

Yahui Zhou, Chairman of OPay, expressed, “Our mission at OPay is to enhance financial inclusivity through technology. We remain steadfast in our commitment to long-term growth, grounded in principles that prioritize customer value and the advancement of our capabilities in security, data analytics, monetization, and compliance. Our aim is to become the most esteemed, widely embraced, and socially impactful Fintech enterprise.”

OPay’s rapid ascent and exceptional performance across Africa and the Middle East have garnered global recognition and acclaim from industry peers and media outlets. Notably, partnerships with renowned entities like Mastercard in May 2022 have solidified OPay’s position as a trusted ally to leading financial institutions, significantly expanding digital commerce prospects and fostering greater financial inclusion in the regions.

In early 2023, discussions between OPay Chairman Yahui Zhou and Pakistani President Arif Alvi underscored the potential of OPay’s advanced fintech solutions in propelling Pakistan towards a cashless society and embracing the digital economy powered by AI. The partnership highlighted aspirations to introduce advanced Chinese fintech to accelerate Pakistan’s digital and inclusive finance landscape.

OPay’s journey has been bolstered by substantial investments from top-tier domestic and international institutions. Notable rounds of funding, including a 400 million C-round financing in 2021 led by SoftBank Vision Fund, have propelled OPay’s growth trajectory, culminating in a robust presence across emerging markets, serving millions of users and merchants.

As OPay forges ahead, its commitment to expanding its footprint in emerging markets remains unwavering. With a vision to empower 1 billion users and 10 million merchants by 2031, OPay aims to spearhead the creation of 3 million job opportunities while contributing significantly to the development of local digital economies. As forecasts predict exponential growth in the global fintech landscape, particularly in Africa, OPay stands poised to lead the charge towards a more inclusive and digitally-driven financial future.

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